After years of attempting to tame frizzy, unruly locks, it looks as though it’s finally time for curly-haired gals to embrace their natural tresses.

It’s fine that gloss got to enjoy its heyday, but for anyone who’s gotten a little tired of the uber-reflective pouts that have been dominating the makeup scene, good news is on the way – spring might lend more opportunities to wear a sophisticated matte lip.

In this week’s pro tutorial video, Beauty Bridge makeup Artist Erica Carr will help show you tips and tricks for enhancing your darker eye color.

Model Hannah Holman has more than just insanely good looks up her sleeve – it turns out she actually has a little help from her makeup bag.

What’s better than biting into a ripe, juicy mango or peach? Having that look on your lips for the rest of the day, of course.

Normally when we think of eye creams and all things that are intended to do our skin some good, we never consider that sometimes, the products we choose may result in all kinds of unwanted side effects. However, those with sensitive eyes can take simple steps to avoid using formulas that might rub them the wrong way.

The difference between the way your skin acts when you wake up and around the time you go to bed is somewhat like that between night and day, and it’s important to observe these disparities when selecting the thickness of the cream you wear.

You’d think that braiding your hair should be simple enough, but if you want the perfect stylized sheen you see in all your favorite beauty mug shots, you may need to study up on which products to use. Not that we mean to upbraid you for not knowing otherwise, but a flawless rope of hair is always more than what it seems.

We all crave that dewy, fresh-faced look, but there’s apparently more to choosing a good makeup highlighter than some of us may have initially thought.

No beauty bummer has raised more collective groans than acne, and within that category, it’s arguable that blackheads are the most difficult to remove among all other blemishes. Worry not, however. There are steps you can take to treat and prevent blackhead breakouts, ranging from top-shelf products to at-home solutions.

Ranging from the brash and carefree strokes of a sultry, rebellious smoky eye to the calculated precision of the perfect winged liner, eye makeup techniques have much in common with those used by the world’s best painters.

Whether we’re looking a bit under the weather from all the harshness of the winter winds or we’re just looking to freshen up a bit in time for spring, achieving an enviable glow can be the winning basis for any standout beauty look.