There’s not always an easy cure for cellulite – most of the treatments that claim to effectively knock out these unsightly dimples are too costly and time-consuming for the average woman who just wants a slightly firmer derriere. For this reason and more, it’s wise to note that there are ways to skirt around the issue of cellulite without necessarily committing to a complex strategy.

As we age, we tend to go further and further in the search for wrinkle-busting tips and tricks. From high-end skincare treatments to simple makeup strategies that can help you look younger, there’s an art to navigating the field of sage and (mostly) quack advice.

If you think you’re immune to the occasional concealer blunder, check out a few photos of famous celebrity makeup faux-pas to further convince yourself that sometimes, just sometimes, you should take extra precaution when stepping out before a camera lens.

There’s no reason to skip foundation if you’re looking to perfect your mug, but the difference between an airbrushed-quality result and a slathered-on pancake look lies in how you put it on, not even necessarily which product you use or how much of it you ultimately layer on.

We know it’s tempting to assume that your aesthetician will take care of everything for you, but there are certain ways you should (and shouldn’t) prepare for your appointment that may make the difference between great results and a waste of your hard-earned dollars.

Now that it’s warm, it’s prime time for presenting your freshest face to the world, not for appearing oily or shiny because you put on sunscreen to, you know, take care of your body.

In this video tutorial, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr shows how to create cat eyes!

Not all mornings will necessarily grace you with the necessary amount of time you need to prepare unhurriedly and wake up fully before you rush out the door. For days when you’ve got about 15 minutes or less to pull yourself together, here are a few tricks to get you out of bed and awake in no time.

If you’ve been scarred by photos of women who clearly weren’t treated very well by the flash feature, fear not – your makeup won’t embarrass you in the limelight, provided you know which products to use and how much to apply.

Goodbye, carefully-coordinated makeup palettes of the past and hello, crazy, every-which-way color combos. In case you were looking for an expert opinion, professional makeup artist Kate Sylvester believes “matchy-matchy” is meant for the history archives.

We know it seems like some of the world’s greatest rockers get that unruly mane from years of leading their rough-and-tough lifestyles, never combing their bedheads and plenty of thrashing on stage. Not always so, our friends, not always so.

Going to the beach is one thing, but what about those days where you unexpectedly spend way more time outdoors than you originally planned?