Studies have shown that a person’s smell gives clues to their genetic traits, which makes it easier to tell if someone is a good potential mate.

If you’re worried about a lackluster smile, have no fear.

The best hair care products and hairstyles are all about framing your face and drawing attention to your best assets.

Hair care experts everywhere are raving about the do-it-all long bob, or “lob,” as it’s being called.

You can style your hair, line your eyes, paint your pout and even bronze your arms and chest, but it’ll all be for naught if the only thing you can focus on when you glance in the mirror is that zit on your cheek.

Things can quickly become overwhelming when you’re planning a wedding, so if you haven’t thought about what kind of fragrance you’ll wear when you walk down the aisle, we don’t blame you.

Summertime means sweat – a lot of it. If you’re the kind of gal who breaks out in perspiration after walking up a flight of stairs during the dog days of summer, the thought of applying greasy sunscreen on top of your already fragile complexion might be less than appealing.

Think hats are just for bad hair days? Think again!

Summer’s winding down, but the thermometers are still heating up.

If there’s one part of a gal’s beauty routine that can be downright tough, it’s applying eyeliner without winding up with squiggly, smudged black gunk all over your face.

If you’ve got curls, summer’s the best time to rock ’em!

If you’re a serious runner, running mile after mile in compression shorts, a tight sports bra or a scratchy jersey can leave your skin red, raw and irritated.