If you haven’t tried spicing up your hairstyle with a couple of accessories every now and then, there’s never been a better time.

Tomatoes are great in salads and pasta sauces, but did you know they’re also awesome for your skin?

Not everyone is okay with painting their nails dark colors like burgundy, black and purple.

Remember back in the early 90s when wet hair used to be in?

You may have started to notice that fall lips tend to be on the darker side – bold, rich tones of red and plum that work well with the darker clothing that cold weather tends to inspire.

Metallic, smoky eyes are always in, but if you’re trying to pull the look off for daytime, it’s not recommended to use cool shades like silver and pewter.

While guys may claim to love bare-faced looks on women, a number of fashion magazine surveys have shown that men appreciate a little makeup – as long as they can barely tell it’s there.

You know it’s not very fashionable to show up at a holiday party looking like a Christmas elf, which is why you may balk at first when thinking about wearing a green and red combination.

Sometimes life calls for a little more than your standard rotation of nail colors.

There’s nothing like knowing you have the shiniest, softest hair in the room.

Everyone knows that cute shoes aren’t always the comfiest pairs in your closet, but that shouldn’t stop you from flaunting your fashion sense on your feet.

Recently, Tyra Banks was spotted promoting her new book, Modelland, wearing a sporty black, white and gray ensemble that featured pops of yellow accessories and, of course, yellow nails.