Eyes are often the first thing people look at. When you take in someone’s face, you’re not going to hone in on their lips or notice the shape of their nose. You’ll be taking in their eyes – what color they are and what kind of vibe they’re giving off. Some people say eyes are […]

If you’re a fan of long hair, you may be interested to know that there is actually a pill that exists which promises to promote growth and make hair thick, strong and healthy.

Whatever your motives are, there may come a time when you find that it simply won’t do to have your tattoo visible.

Actress Amanda Seyfried was recently spotted with a smoky eye makeup look that perfectly complemented her eyes.

Not every gal was born with to-die-for cheekbones, but if you want to fake the slimming look for yourself, it’s easy to do with the right products and technique.

Lipstick is a great way to transform your lips at night and give yourself a glamorous boost every now and then.

Many women shy away from glitter because they don’t want to risk looking like a disco ball or a 13-year-old girl.

In this video, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses Youngblood Natural Mineral Foundation.

Not everyone was born with a steady hand, which means the nail art trend is practically impossible for those who simply can’t manage to make neat designs.

Picture your favorite blush, which you’ve had for a while and simply can’t live without.

The whole girl-next-door look is characterized by simple gorgeousness.

As fall sets in and winter looms on the horizon, the days are getting shorter.