Spring’s not here yet, but with so many new colors of eyeshadow out there, you don’t have to wait until April to break out the soft pastels.

Sometimes, certain events call for an updo.

Glasses are becoming fashionable, whether or not you need a prescription to help you see.

Before you start getting excited about sprinkles and frosting, cake liner has nothing to do with dessert and everything to do with your eye makeup.

Smokey eyes aren’t easy to pull off whenever you want.

January and February aren’t usually known for bright colors and vibrant fashion, but this year is entirely different – especially when it comes to makeup.

If you’re still using your fingers to apply your makeup, it’s time for an upgrade.

Metallic smokey eyes are nothing new – bronze, gold, silver and copper versions have been showing up on the eyes of women everywhere for a while.

You may have noticed that polka dots are everywhere lately, which means they’re officially a trend in 2012.

More than likely, you’ve seen at least one unfortunate soul walking around with bright red lipstick on her teeth.

No matter what you’re doing on Valentine’s Day, chances are you’ll be doing it with someone else.

Everyone has a big night out every now and then, which often results in a less-than-perfect morning.