Free yourself from the fetters that guide your beauty look and break out with wild bursts of color that clash against your ensemble!

The medical and beauty industries are getting more impressive by the day – they’re always unveiling new technologies that promise to increase your health and your skin’s beauty.

Bright lips are all over the red carpets these days, and you probably can’t even walk down the street without seeing a few here and there.

According to dermatologists, if you’re not washing your face in the proper sequence you may not be getting the most that your high-quality beauty products have to offer.

If you’re tired of sporting a design that you had inked on during a lapse in judgment, you’re in luck!

Can tweezing unwanted hairs along your upper lip, brows and across your face cause hair to grow back thicker and darker?

While being prepared for whatever life throws your way is always a great idea, it’s not always possible.

Model Heidi Klum recently made a splash when she was photographed wearing beautiful cherry red lipstick.

Brief rain showers can leave more than just your hair and clothing in a bind – they can also do some serious damage to your makeup.

Known not-so-affectionately as peach fuzz, this embarrassing body hair is the dread of many women, even if it’s barely noticeable.

Even if your personal style tends to be more sedate, there are many easy designs that you can bring to life with a few of these helpful tips.

In this product video, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses TRUE Cosmetics Eye Shadows.