When it comes to making a statement with your makeup, it’s the little things that count.

You might think you have it all down when it comes to your skincare routine – a moisturizer, sunblock, primer and foundation give you a fresh-looking face.

Sometimes it’s hard to find makeup that would work well in an office setting – especially if your company isn’t one that appreciates fashion risks and creativity.

Many people would kill to have hazel eyes – what’s not to love?

Once you land a first date with that guy you’ve been trying to nab for months, you’ll likely be nervous about making a good first impression.

In this product video, Beauty Bridge makeup artist Erica Carr discusses Youngblood – Mineral Rice Setting Powder.

During the summer, your skin was probably a lot moister than usual.

Summer’s not yet over, but fall is quickly approaching, which may be dampening your spirits lately.

If you’ve always been a sucker for pink, whether it’s a petal-pink dress, a rosy lipstick or even a cute little piggie, you’re going to be all over Jordana Brewster’s pink ensemble.

It really stinks, but summer’s almost over and pretty soon you won’t be able to wear those cute sundresses and shorts unless you pair them with tights and long-sleeved shirts.

Even if you’re diligent about sticking to a skincare routine and have a flair for applying makeup flawlessly, you might still be doing your skin a disservice if you’re guilty of any of these bad habits.

Who says women are the only ones who can rock eyeliner?