Whether you always try to stay up to date on the latest mascara trends or you simply want to revamp your makeup routine, there are plenty of styles to take advantage of in 2013.

If you love wearing dramatic black eyeliner but you’re tired of sporting it the same way every day, you might want to consider changing up your routine with a winged eye look.

If your big day is just a few months away, you have more to worry about than the lipstick, eyeliner and blush you’ll be wearing when you say “I do.”

You might think you’re a pro when it comes to applying mascara, eyeshadow and lipstick, but what if your appearance isn’t quite matching up to what you’re seeing in magazines?

You might be afraid of wearing colored eyeliner, especially if you’ve only used brown and black your entire life. However, there’s no better time to take advantage of the variety available to you than now!

You might love your fire engine red lipstick when you’re heading out for a night on the town, but what about on lazy Sunday afternoons?

Every woman wants a gorgeous pout that looks as kissable as it does plump, but this can be difficult to achieve if you weren’t born with voluptuous lips.

Have you ever applied your eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow only to feel like your peepers look smaller than they did before you put on your makeup?

If you don’t take the opportunity to tweak your makeup routine when the seasons change, you might be missing out!

After the first date is over and the initial nerves have subsided, you’ll have to start thinking about the second one if it went well!

You might be in love with your rosy pink and fire engine red lipsticks, but have you ever thought to try lip gloss?

If you’ve never been a pro at applying liquid eyeliner, you might wonder how models and celebrities put it on and wear it flawlessly.