Hey gorgeous! Ready to charm the New Year with some cool makeup looks hot off the 2019 runways?

Here are the top spring/summer 2019 beauty trends and they are all oh. so. wearable! We love it. The fashion shows are giving us subtle, sexy and everyday-beautiful looks that offer so much inspiration. And that’s why we analyzed some of the hottest runway looks of the season to figure out how you can recreate them on the go with some of our best-selling products.

We found fresh-looking skin, dewy makeup, party-ready glitter eyes, and festival-worthy neon looks. The great thing about these looks is that you can go as hardcore or subtle as you want. All you need is the right beauty product for the desired look, and we are here to help you with that!

Let’s explore the hottest spring/summer beauty trends for 2019.

Skin That’s Been Kissed by the Summer Sun

One of the biggest surprises of the 2019 beauty scene is the return of the sun-kissed skin. This year, it’s all about looking like you’ve just returned from the beach. Fake that tan with a bronzing powder. Then sweep a coral blush lightly over your cheeks. Dust some of the bronzer over your nose and forehead. And if you have God-given freckles, flaunt ‘em under the blush to look like a bronze goddess. For a little extra glam, try a peachy eye shadow and a little mascara. This look was all over the Alatazurra runway.

Try our favorite bronzer, the Memi Soleil Me Up to complete this look.

Melt’Em with Metallic eyes

This versatile trend is all about your color choices. You can go dramatically metallic with the hues of green, or keep it subtle with a metallic shade of your favorite color. Or you could just use a metallic touch in the corner of your eyelids, or go full glam with a smoky emerald eye.

Start with this Makeuprevue Loose Eyeshadow in Skyline.

Get Artistic with Graphic Liner

This year, go big or go home with the eyeliner. It is proving to be one of the most wearable trends of Spring Summer 2019. And if you are all about street style, this one can’t be beaten. Go full cat eye or let your inner Cleopatra rule with black eyeliner in a dramatic new way. There is so much you can do to follow this trend in your everyday life. You can even let your inner artist out by experimenting with the eyeliner shape or make temporary tattoos the way it happened on DIOR runway.

Try this look with the Skone Cosmetics Insanely Tattooed Eyeliner

The My-Skin-But-Better Look

Remember last year’s no-makeup makeup? Well this time around, there really is no makeup. It’s all about healthy, youthful skin and soft, moisturized lips as at least some of the flaws shine through proudly.

To recreate the MSBB look, focus on your skin. The look is devoid of any eyeliner, visible mascara and lipstick. It’s more about taking care of your skin with a daily routine featuring products that give you that lit-from-within look.

Start your quest for beautiful skin with the Dafna Skincare Bio Active Beauty Mask

Go Ooh La La with French Red Lips

Nude lips from yesteryears aren’t going anywhere, but this year’s runways are bringing back the bright red lip in a big way. Givenchy and Chanel runways featured tomato hues while Chloé showcased more daring & moodier shades of the color.

There is a red lip for every skin tone. Pair up your favorite one with nude eyeshadow and just a hint of mascara to create your rendition of this fashionable look.

Your search for the perfect red stops at the Sexiest Beauty Sex Proof Matte Liquid Lipstick Red AF.

Bushy Brows and Long Lashes Rule 2019

Thick eyebrows that are groomed to perfection are still in vogue. Don’t over pluck them, and use a matching eyebrow pencil to fill out any gaps. Then finish off the look with a lengthening mascara. Do it all with a light hand and avoid the dramatically arched eyebrows or fake looking wispy lashes. A few subtle sparkles on the lids and a warm shade of lipstick can complete this look. Little goes a long way when it comes to your brows and lashes.

Try out the Inception of Beauty Eyebrow Pomade and the Mirennese Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara to complete this look.

Fake Freckles for Real Beauty

Hashtags like #FreckleGang and #FakeFreckles rule Instagram in 2019 so far. People are using these to show their natural freckles. And trying not to get left behind, everyone else is faking them. Even Kylie Jenner hopped on to this beauty trend to show off her ‘make-up free’ self, revealing massively freckled skin that she usually covers up.

So if you’ve got it, flaunt it, and if you don’t draw on some faux freckles with a dark brown eyeliner pencil. Once you have dotted your upper cheeks and nose with the pencil, soften the look with a beauty sponge.

We recommend this Gorgeous Cosmetics Eye Pencil in Chocolate.

Dewy skin gets all the Attention

This look builds on that same MSBB phenomenon, making it more eye-popping and attention-grabbing. All you need is a liquid highlighter. Apply a small amount to the bridge of your nose, underneath the eyebrow, and sweep some onto the temples for a fresh, light-catching glow. Apply a heavier amount of the same highlighter to the cheekbones for a beautiful highlight that gives you the perfectly runway ready dewy look. Sweep a slightly darker, pinker highlighter to the eyes and lips, groom the eyebrows with a transparent gel and viola; you are good to go.

We love the glow from this Gorgeous Cosmetics Superstar Liquid Highlighter.

An Abundance of Neon Lips

This year, many designers pushed aside the neutral ‘nude’ lip of yesteryear for a bolder, statement-making neon lip. From wearable coral hues to more va-va-voom neon orange lips, the runways featured a neon glow in many ways.

The Makeup Revue Matte Lipstick in Coral Crush is the perfectly wearable coral lipstick, and it belongs in your stash in 2019.

Coral Pantone eyes

‘Living Coral”, catalog number 16- 1546, is Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019. And runway makeup artists love it, as do we! This cheerful shade lends itself very beautifully to a variety of applications. It works great as a highlighter, lipstick, and eyeshadow, but there is something about a natural looking coral blush that we love.

You’ll adore this Gorgeous Cosmetics Colour Pro Blush in Coral.

Get Comfy with Neon liner

As we mentioned earlier, this year is all about bold eyeliner. And beautiful fluorescent liner in artistic designs, geometric patterns is all the rage. Neon pink, bright red, green, orange, and yellow eyeliners provided plenty of graphic details on this year’s runways. And you can easily carry this look in your everyday life as well.

This Gorgeous Cosmetics Neon Palette is all you’ll need in your arsenal.

Bedazzled Eyes That Mesmerize

Glitter is back and ready to party like its 1995! Shimmer, shine, gloss and bedazzlement adored eyes across many Spring/Summer 2019 runways. As long as you aren’t afraid of a little spillover, there is no reason why you can’t recreate the glittery eye look for a night out on the town. If you still want to keep the look wearable, sweep some glittery shadow on the inner corners of the lid. And finish up with black winged eyeliner.

Get your glow on with this Makeup Revue Glitter in Gilded Glory.

Go Classy with Glassy eyes

Last year’s Korean Beauty trend of glassy skin spilled over to this year’s global runways in a big way with glassy eyes. The Chanel SS19 features our favorite version, i.e., super moisturized healthy-looking skin and eyes adorned with a colored highlighter for extra glass-like shine. Very pretty.

Try on some glassy eyes with this Smolder Cosmetics Loose Glam Dust in Wild Orchid.

Livin’ On the Edge with Foil Lips

Quite a few runways featured glassy skin, fluffed-up brows, and a foiled lip. This liquid metal lip look is easy to recreate. Runway makeup gurus usually start by lining the lip, then they add a metallic lipstick, and strengthen the metallic effect by applying loose glitter in the same shade, on the top.

Try out the Amber Dazzle Metallic Matte Lipstick topped off with this Smolder Cosmetics Loose Glam Dust in Pink Gold.

Glorious Monochrome

This is quite possibly the most natural everyday look, and it was all over fashion shows and even red carpets so far this year. It’s all about using only one color to add the highlighted effect to your face. And there is no reason you can’t just use your favorite bright lipstick for it all.

Just take a bright color to do the edges of your eyelids. Now sweep that same color over your lips to complete the look.

The Colormax Diva Glamour Matte Lip Color in Mumbai is perfect for this look.