We aren’t expecting huge parties for Halloween 2020 – but that’s no excuse to skip the makeover. Even if you are planning a lowkey affair just with close friends and family, or even better, an at-home Halloween with your boo, you need to dress up and keep the holiday spirit alive!

Of course, a few things are going to be different. Instead of going overboard with makeup and costumes, you need a look that is as easy as it is interesting.

Like every year, we have you covered. So, let us take a look at our 5 super easy Halloween 2020 looks and how to recreate them.

Feline Fatale

The simplest yet sexiest look on our list today is cat face makeover. It looks like you’ve taken a crazy feline filter from Snapchat and turned into reality. It is quite budget-friendly as well as you won’t need an excess of any product – but you need just the right product.

Image Credit: Desi Perkins/Youtube.com

Here are our best bets:

Golden smoky eye: You will start this look with a regular golden smoky eye look. For that, we recommend the Epilynx Eye Shadow Palette.

It is a pocket-friendly palette with highly pigmented colors. You get that sunshine gold you see on the lids of the model here, and a deep warm brown to smoke it out.

Highlighter: With your basic lid make up complete, we will now move on to the rest of the face before coming back for the liner and details.

We recommend the super creamy and ultra popin’ Bang Beauty Highlighter. The shade Snow Bunny creates the perfect contrast with bronzed cheek and dramatic liner.

Shimmer bronzer: For this look, we can’t think of a bronzer more perfect than Jane Iredale’s bronzer. We love it because you get four shades in one that allows you to create the bronzer right for your skin tone.

The shimmery finish adds a touch of glamor to this look.

Gel liner: Now for one thing that actually brings the look to life – the Beauty of real iLine 24/7 gel liner. Even in 2020, it is hard to find a gel liner so intense and smudge-proof.

Choose the shade Black Magic and draw all the details. Darken the tip of the nose. Draw the dots for whiskers and finish off with a feline flick.

Gel liner for waterline: One of the main highlights is the stark white waterline.

Get this look with Lord Berry Silk Kajal Kohl liner.

Basic Batgirl

If you don’t want to be a cat, be a bat!

Image Credit: Brigitte K/Youtube.com

And that’s an even easier look to pull off. Let’s cut to the chase and take a look at the details:

Yellow smoky eye: For this look, keep the eye closer to the original Batgirl theme. Go for a Yellow smoky using the same techniques you used for golden smokey for the previous look.

All you need for that bright, pigmented yellow is Bele Makeup Italia b.One eyeshadow. In the same range, you will get black and grey shadows to smoke it out.

Black lipstick: For bat-inspired gothic black lips, we have the Sexiest Beauty Matte sheen liquid lipstick in the shade Raven.

A rich, hydrating formula that stays as black as a bat, with no transfer, no bleeding, and no fading for hours.

Mask: Perfect for Halloween in quarantine, we have the mask to complete the look. Instead of a proper mask, draw your own with Lord Berry Perfecto Graphic Liner in black.

This super pigmented liner stays intense and intact for 24-hours and more. The reason we recommend it for this look is that it’s as easy to use as a Sharpie.

The Classic 20s Glam

2020 is a perfect time to revisit the 1920s. The glamorous era of starlets and socialites. Travel back in time this year by recreating this perfect ‘flapper girl’ inspired look originally created by Michelle Phan. Not only is this an easy look to pull off, but it also looks amazing on almost everyone.

Image Credit: Michelle Phan/Youtube.com

You don’t even need to worry about your costume. Take out your shimmery gown and accessorize it with tiaras, beads, and anything that gives you flapper feel. For makeup, here is a quick breakdown.

The Classic Smoky: Twenties is where it all began – the obsession with smokey eyes. You can create this classic smoky with the Amber Dazzle Diva Palette. With nudes and browns in different textures, this palette gives you the freedom to tweak the look as you desire.

Go warmer and deeper with darker shades or keep it subtle with medium brown. Swipe on some shimmery shade before you smoke it out to perfection.

Red Lips: For the classic red, Brigid by Cupid Psyche is our best bet.

It’s a vegan formula with natural UV protection.

Mesmerizing Mermaid

This one looks a little complicated but it’s actually quite simple. One palette and one lipstick are all you need.

Image Credit: Melissa Alatorre/Youtube.com

Mermaid Eyes and Skin: The model here has shimmery shades almost all over her eyes and her face. First, you need aquamarine for lids, sides of your forehead, and the highs of your cheek. Put a bit on your jawline and nose for a more dramatic transformation. Now, cut a piece out of your old fishnet stockings and put it over the shade on your cheeks. Apply sparkly silver over the net to create scales. Add more dimension by applying green on the inner corner of your eye all the way to the sides of the nose.

All these shades and a lot more are included in the EpiLynx Sparkle Shadow Palette.

Aqua Lips: Match your lipstick with your mermaid skin. Our favorite aquamarine lipstick is Mermaizing by Miss Outdoors Makeup.

The waterproof matte formula is perfect for this mermaid look.

Harlequin Halloween

Our last but favorite look comes from the Halloween Queen Nikkie. We are obsessed with her recreation of DC’s Harlequin. It’s a look you can never go wrong with it, though it might take a little more effort than the other four looks on our list.

Image Credit: NikkieTutorials/Youtube.com

Let’s take a look at our pocket-friendly product recommendations:

Eyeshadow: For eyes, you just need the Lexar Cosmetics Electric Ray palette. Shockingly pigmented, these shadows will let you create the look without packing a lot of product. These shadows are easy to blend and also buildable.

For this look, you will need Jellyfish, Meduse, Storm, and Waves. Use the sky on the inner corners for the signature Nikkie look.

Liner: Line your eyes the aptly named Skone Cosmetic Insanely Intense Tattooed Liner.

Use the same pen for the draw and write on the face. This liner gives you impeccable control and precision.

Highlighter: Another one of Nikkie’s signature, that blinding highlight, is achievable with the TAHNYC Nude Luster Pearl Powder.

This soothing formula also takes care of redness and pigmentation. Perfect for acne-prone skin.

Red Matte Lip: Seal the deal with Spicy Tuna Roll by Gorjue. It is a bright but neutral red that will complement any skin tone.

And despite the name, it smells like sweet vanilla.

So prep up for Halloween with the right products in hand and your favorite look in mind.