June 6, 2013

50 Shades of You

If you want to revamp your collection of cosmeticsyou might want to consider your skin tone before doing so. Matching and applying makeup to your face is not an easy task. But, knowing how to match everything from jewelry to eyeshadow with your skin tone can also go a long way.  The colors of these items can highlight your appealing natural features and help you look even more stunning than you already are!

Take warm skin tones, for instance. If you have hints of peach or red in your skin, gold jewelry looks marvelous on you as opposed to silver. Additionally, hair colors such as blond and auburn can look equally as gorgeous in contrast to your skin. If you have a cool skin tone, silver jewelry is more up your alley, as well as darker shades of hair color with a blue base. Everyone is different, and it’s these types of factors that make each person unique and beautiful!

However, skin tone isn’t the only factor to consider when you’re trying to look your best. Eye color can say a lot about a person, meaning it’s important to take yours into account. If you’re considering highlighting your luscious locks, it’s critical to choose a hue that complements your irises. For instance, lighter shades of brown and blond work best with blue and green eyes. Darker tones complement hazel and brown eyes. Understanding how colors work together can help you look your best.


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  1. The eye color chart you have above is fantastic. It’s true, the more you stray from your natural hue, the more washed out the skin tone becomes. The right shade has a way of bringing out eye color.

  2. I have silver grey hair, darkbrown eyes and and my skin tone I really don’t know how to gage.

    I do not wish to change my hair colr, every one says it looks like I have highlights, but I would like to find a way to look my best though grey haired….not like so old at times . Help!

  3. This is a nice suggestion, but not always true. As a hair stylist I can tall you there are plenty of people who don’t stick to this guide and look fabulous. Such as a pale, cool skin toned woman with blue who wants fiery copper hair. It can compliment by being the opposite, too.

  4. I like the indepth view you’ve creted here. Bringing out your natural beauty is the best key to each individuals beuty!

  5. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. Violette, I have no great advice for you but girlfriend if you can rock your platinum, I say, rock on! I have always wanted that beautiful look but as my grays started coming in they were wiry and unruly…had to be covered. You are one of the few women in the world who can pull it off with compliments, so enjoy aging gracefully. 🙂

  7. Thanks H, I am a fair skin blue eyed, and I just dyed my hair a reddish copper tone. (My original color is blonde.) It brings out my eyes, but I’m waiting for the reddish to fade out to a bright copper!

  8. I have fair skin with blue eyes and I want something different from Reds and browns, but not blonde. I’ve done all those. I was thinking more toward a silver ombre with maybe lilac highlights or lowlights. I don’t really know the difference between the two. Any suggestions would be nice. Thanks!!

  9. I have fair skin tone with my red hair and brown eyes. I want something new since I will be turning 50 but not earth shattering.

  10. Fancie Shockey I really like the idea of the Ombre dark brown dark red fade again to a lighter red on them to LeBron would like that look

  11. Cool skin, blue eyes and my hair was originally a medium brown color; until I died of DARK burgundy a year ago. I’ve gotten so many compliments on how my dark hair brings out of blue eyes! Ladies, don’t be afraid to take the chance to step out of your comfort zone- it is only hair!

  12. I find this whole chart to be unrealistic. I have Ice blue eyes, warm tones, and naturally very dark brown hair. The down side is I have been getting gray hair since the age of 15 and have entirely too much since I’m only 30. I tried to go titanium and after not achieving the desired look I ended up platinum blonde I love it but also loved my naturally dark hair.

  13. I have green eyes and golden brown hair, I want to go darker like a chocolate brown with caramel lowlights. I also like the chocolate brown, with what looks like to be, a grey undertone. Overall I just want to go darker because I think I look better with darker hair. Any suggestions?

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