If you’re going somewhere in a minidress or a pair of shorts, chances are you want your legs to look as taut and smooth as possible. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about the fact that you’ve been skipping the gym lately because there are ways to make your legs look gorgeous with products.

1. Self tanner is a miracle for legs. Not only does it cover bruises, bug bites and razor burn, but you can actually make your leg muscles look more defined with strategic shading. Just layer on more product where your legs need to be more defined, like on the sides of your thighs. A self-tanning product like TanTowel – Plus Self-Tan Towelette is easy to apply and will give you a gorgeous glow.

2. A firming moisturizer with caffeine will perk your skin right up and get rid of puffiness from water retention – perfect for those areas of your legs that never seem to get toned.

3. A little shimmer goes a long way for your legs and will make them look healthy and glowing. Try a product like Michael Kors Leg Shine, which smells great and is easy to use. Just apply in a straight line down the front of your thighs and calves. Gorgeous!

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