With the holiday season in full swing, you’re probably on the guest list of a party or two. With so many people and so many websites to post on, there are no doubt going to be some photographs taken. If you want your inner glow to be captured, you may as well start by creating an outer glow to open up your face.

Glamour magazine’s beauty blog suggests using highlighter on two main areas. One is right underneath your brow bone, the other is on the tops of your cheekbones. Light hits these areas naturally, but when you use a product like Cheek Highlighter to amp it up, your face becomes simply radiant.

You may also want to dab a bit in other strategic areas. The bridge of your nose is one area that looks nice, as well as your cupid’s bow – that little indent in the middle of your upper lip. ModelCo – Luminosity Highlighting Powder will ensure a flawless application. With these tricks, your pictures will all turn out to be keepers.

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