When it comes to anti-aging skincare, savvy women know to devote as much attention to their hands as they do their complexions. How come? It’s simple, really. Hands can reveal a lot about a person’s overall health and wellness. But even if hands are the pinnacle of your priorities, you may find that your nails aren’t as sharp-looking as you’d like.

The problem with your talons may come down to something as simple as bad habits. Your mom probably shook her head whenever she saw you munching away on your nails as a kid, and if this is a quirk you’ve carried over from childhood, chances are it’s one of the main reasons your nails aren’t in great shape. If you’ve also been neglecting to care for your cuticles, your nail beds could be overrun in the worst kind of way possible by cuts and inflammation.

By applying an ultra-hydrating cuticle oil treatment to the base of your nails on a regular basis, all the nutrients you’ll need will be right at your fingertips.

One of the other major problems that nails contend with is yellowing. Smoker’s beware – this vexing dilemma is often directly correlated to nicotine usage. However, frequent nail polish use can also lend a yellowish tint to your talons. To overcome this, be sure to grab a multi-functional enamel polish that acts as a base and fixing coat to correct any discolorations. Not only will you see a difference in the way polish looks when applied, but you’ll also be sporting stronger, healthier nails!

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