Have you ever caught a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and wished you had better, more evenly defined brows? While plucking and waxing arches into the perfect shape can be a hassle, it’s even more difficult determining which shape is the best for your face!

According to Elle Magazine, the careful art and science of brow shaping boils down to the placement of your brow bone – if you’ve got a high set brow bone, you should let your arches grow in thicker, since it’s bound to be more flattering on your face. Conversely, those with smaller, more delicate features can be easily overwhelmed by full brows.

If, even after plucking, you’re still not getting the definition you crave, try using a brow emphasizer that features a tinted gel formula. A product like this helps carefully sculpt brows, which in turn can frame your face to perfection!

For an added allure, you can also create the appearance of lusher brows with a mineral pigment brow kit that blends seamlessly with your complexion. You’re sure to look radiant once you’re through with this regimen.

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