Chances are, if you were faced with the prospect of painting the walls of your home or even painting your nails, you would start with a base coat. It makes the surface look even and helps the paint stay on. However, if you’re not prepping your face with primer before applying makeup, you’re skipping an important step.

According to Glamour magazine’s beauty blog, primer is a key component of a flawless face. If you’ve ever been victim to disappearing makeup or oiliness halfway through the day, you probably weren’t wearing any.

If you want your foundation to look flawless for much longer than it normally would, a primer can help. You won’t have to worry about heading to the bathroom to powder your nose in between meetings or appointments.

If you’ve noticed that your eye makeup tends to crease or smudge, an eyeshadow primer will ensure that the color doesn’t budge. No more touching up!

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