These days, the fashion and music world is all about showy makeup that’s creative, loud and pretty outrageous. Although you may not be starring on stage any time soon, it’s totally cool to embrace a few of the wild trends that celebrities are experimenting with. Here are a couple of ideas, inspired by Glamour magazine’s beauty blog.

1. Huge lashes. We’re talking about more than just volumizing mascara here. Go wild with some decorated falsies, or just amp up your look with ModelCo – Lash Out Individual Lashes + Glue.

2. Crazy nails. When it comes to nails, pretty much anything works. Go all-out with glitter, multiple shades or try an out-of-the-ordinary shape, like a pointed oval or an exaggerated square.

3. Bolder lips. Instead of your regular shade of lipstick, opt for a hue that’s brighter or darker. Youngblood – Lipstick has plenty of choices to consider.

4. Neon hair. Even if you’re not committed to wearing pink hair 24/7, you could pick up a couple of fun extensions and rock those on your nights out.

5. Notice-me blush. Pick a shade that you normally wouldn’t choose, then apply it to make your cheekbones look chiseled.

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