While nobody is perfect, it’s not unreasonable to want to look as impeccable as possible. However, according to Real Simple magazine, there are a few common beauty mistakes that may be keeping you from creating a flawless face.

If concealer is applied too soon after moisturizer, the creamy lotion can cause the concealer to thin out, which can result in blotchiness and limit the amount of coverage the product provides, makeup artist Laura Geller told the news source.

Instead, wait for your skin to absorb the moisturizer (roughly 60 seconds) or, if you’re in a rush, blot your face with a tissue and apply concealer.

When plucking eyebrows, be careful not to stand too close to the mirror, as the news source reports that this causes women to pay more attention to each hair, and not the overall shape of the arch, which can result in uneven brows.

Beauty expert Ramy Gafni suggests using a large mirror near a window, standing close to the mirror to tweeze and taking a few steps back after every few hairs to survey the symmetry and shape of your brows.

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