If you’re looking for the perfect color combination to wear for spring, you probably know by now that pastels can get a bit boring. A coral and yellow combination is the real answer you’ve been searching for, no matter what your style or skin tone.

Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog spotted the look on Jessica Alba, who sported a coral shade of lipstick and a vibrant yellow scarf as she walked the streets. Whether you choose to incorporate the hues in your makeup or your fashion choices, you can’t go wrong with this cheerful combination.

If you want the perfect coral lips, try an apricot colored lipstick. Make sure that your lips are scrubbed and moisturized, then apply a thin coat before blotting and reapplying the color. This will ensure that the product will last all day.

As far as yellow is concerned, you can go bright with Nail Color in Yellow. Wear it by itself or finish it off with a glittery topcoat for a look that screams spring!

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