Make up may not be damaging to your skin as long as you are wearing the right kind. You should use a make up with quality ingredients. Make sure you are using make up that won’t clog your pores (free of mineral oil, lanolin or cocoa butter). You may want something that is free of harsh chemicals, dyes and other residues. Using a make up that contains SPF will help prevent sun damage on your face. Sun damage is critical in causing your skin to age faster. As long as you are taking care of your skin by cleansing and moisturizing before and after your make up application and you are wearing quality make up with quality ingredients, you should not have to worry about damaging your skin. You may want to try make up that contains natural ingredients; these ingredients tend to be better for your skin.

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  2. […] Does Make Up Cause Skin Damage? « Beauty Bridge Blog […]

  3. […] Does Make Up Cause Skin Damage? « Beauty Bridge Blog […]

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