Now that the summer sun has set and most women are preparing for the cold, dry weather that accompanies winter, many ladies are putting down their powders in favor of more moisturizing concealers. However, gals with oily skin that tends to get shiny year-round may not be ready to close their compacts just yet.

While applying powder may seem relatively simple, there are a few tips that ladies may find useful before dusting on their favorite formula.

“If you need powder, don’t use it under the eyes, since it can make the skin there look dry and dehydrated. Instead, lightly dust your t-zone, using a big, fluffy brush,” makeup artist Troy Surratt told Allure magazine.

The beauty expert also suggests blotting skin with a dampened makeup sponge to remove excess powder and blend the particles that collect on hair on the face.

And while women with oily skin may not want to change their cover-up’s formula as the seasons change, they may want to switch the shade they are using. Because those in colder climates may have less exposure to sun in the winter months, the powder used in the summertime may be too dark for many women’s winter complexions.

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