While many women base their makeup choices on their eye color, hair color and skin tone, some ladies have another element to factor in when applying cosmetics – glasses. Eyewear can draw extra attention to your peepers, so if you regularly don spectacles, you may want utilize a few expert tips when choosing your eye makeup.

According to Daily Venus Diva, far-sighted prescriptions may magnify the eyes, so women who wear such frames should apply well-blended neutral or dark-colored shadow. They should also avoid eyeliner and using mascara on bottom lashes, as the combination of cosmetics and magnifying lenses could overwhelm one’s face.

However, gals who are near-sighted should do the opposite, since their prescription will make eyes appear smaller. The news source suggests that women wear light-colored eyeshadow and apply eyeliner to their upper lash line and a highlighter to the inside corner of their eyes. Mascara on both upper and lower lashes will help to open up eyes even more.

Ladies may want to opt for cream shadows and waterproof mascara, as these products are less likely to leave residue on lenses.

Because glasses can cast shadows on one’s face that emphasize dark circles, the news provider also recommends using a light-reflecting concealer to hide signs of fatigue.ADNFCR-3538-ID-19933416-ADNFCR

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