October 6, 2011

Glitter Ombré Nails

If you didn’t already know, “ombré” is a French word meaning shaded. When it comes to an ombré manicure, it simply means that your nail color gradually fades into a different color or a lighter or darker color of the same shade. While this sounds super complicated and is usually best left to the professionals, Allure magazine came up with an easy DIY version using glitter that even the most inartistic ladies should be able to pull off.

All you need is a clear nail polish, like BABOR – Nail Color – Transparent, a loose glitter that you can find in craft stores and fine-tipped brush, like Jane Iredale – Detail Brush. Pour out some of the clear nail polish onto a piece of aluminum foil or something similar, then shake a pile of glitter out next to it.

Dip the brush into the polish, then into a bit of glitter and paint on your nails, starting about three-fourths of the way down and going to the tips. Add more glitter if necessary, but only put one coat of the polish on. Once that is dry, dip your brush into more polish and even more glitter, then just paint the tips. The glitter is supposed to be denser, so add more on until you’re satisfied. Finish with a clear topcoat all over. Easy and chic!

Image Credit: Brit + Co

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