Smoky eyes are always sexy at night, lending a bit of edge and intrigue to any look. But during the day, this bold effect can make a gal seem like she’s trying to channel a raccoon. When the sun’s shining, skip the drama by opting for a lighter, friendlier smoky eye that can even be worn in the office. Here’s how to create it.

First, grab a trusty brown or black eyeliner pencil. You won’t need eyeshadow for this look, but you will need an eyeshadow brush and possibly a couple of cotton swabs, reports Allure Magazine.

Now trace your upper and lower lash lines with the eyeliner as usual. Whether or not you line your inner rims is up to you. Then, using the eyeshadow brush, blend the eyeliner up toward your creases on the upper lid and down toward your cheeks on the lower lid (but not too much). Use a cotton swab dipped in a bit of water to blend the pigment smoothly.

That’s it! Afterward, curl your lashes and focus a mascara on just the lashes at the outer corners of your eyes.

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