Some days just don’t call for makeup. Even celebrities who regularly wear beauty products to look glamorous for the paparazzi show up every now and then with a clean face. Take Heidi Klum, for example, who Glamour magazine’s beauty blog spotted at a Disney on Ice event without makeup.

Despite her lack of foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick, Klum still managed to look flawless, and it’s because she paid attention to the little details that are normally overshadowed by a made-up face. For example, her skin looked radiant. She was probably wearing moisturizer, but that’s about it. For a pretty glow of your own, use Illuminare – Moisturizing Mineral Foundation Dewy Finish SPF 20.

When you’re going for a bare face, your hair should look neat and put together, otherwise you risk looking like you just rolled out of bed. Apply Shea Spray to strands that you think could use a bit of extra luster, then style in a braid or bun. Be sure to wear a pair of nice earrings and no one will even notice your lack of makeup!

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