This summer, you’ll likely be donning a pair of shades at some point. Not only will you be able to see despite the blinding rays of the sun, but you’ll be doing your eyes a favor by not letting them squint, which can cause fine lines and wrinkles if you do it too often. But how do you pair your sunglasses with your lipstick? Doing so is easy. Here’s how!

In a recent post on Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog, several different looks were featured that highlighted a few great sunglasses and lipstick combinations. The key to finding a match that works is to think about what vibe each element gives off. Are your shades retro? Is your lipstick punky? Find a style and shade that complement each other, then wear them everywhere together!

For example, you could pair a great set of tortoiseshell frames with a classic red lip. Or, you could work a pair of white retro-shaped frames with a dark lipstick, like BABOR – Classic Lip Color in Rouge Noir. Finding the perfect combination will take a little exploring, so consider bringing your favorite lip color to the sunglasses store with you!

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