Although bangs are becoming quite the fashion trend, they require a lot of maintenance. Regular trims, plenty of product and intense blowdrying are just a few of the essentials necessary to keep your bangs looking great. So what happens this winter when you want to wear a hat?

Instead of worrying about ruining the hard work you put into making your bangs look perfect, just use a bit of hairspray and place your hat strategically. Glamour magazine’s beauty blog noticed Kelly Clarkson rocking her bangs with a hat, and it seemed to work just fine for her.

Before you put on your hat, use Strong-hold hair spray to keep your bangs in place. It may also help to use a conditioning spray, to nourish your locks and protect them from rubbing too hard against your hat.

Next, place your hat farther back on your head than you normally would. The front of the hat should hit where your bangs start, which won’t create any bumps or indents. It’s fashionable yet still functional!

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