Even certain pop culture classics that tout the poppin’ status of a pout can’t claim to be the first to do so. According to BellaSugar.com, lip gloss was quite popular during the 1930s, which was right around when it arrived on the scene.

“In fact, an overall sheen was quite popular during this time, with a glow base often used for the complexion, cream rouge on the cheeks and Vaseline on the eyes (and even brows) to give a luminescent effect,” the news source reports.

And so began the dewy-faced obsession.

Of course, modern women have more recourse when striving to attain this flawless moonlit glow. Many foundations now come with light-reflecting pigments, and a full range of highlighting creams and pencils are on the market to help bring a little bit of a dewy sheen to the cheekbones, browbones, temples and eyes. If you need a makeshift fix, simply sweep a white shimmery shadow over the areas where the light naturally hits your face – you’ll be a timeless beauty in three seconds flat.

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