Depending on the state of your natural mane, growing out your hair can either mean less work for you in the morning or a whole lot more. That being said, it doesn’t have to be a lot of work to get your hair into its lengthiest jaw-dropping condition.

Long, layered locks often mean less up-keep than highly stylized bobs, but many girls get tripped on taming their locks when they’re prone to frizz. Some real-life Rapunzels told Refinery 29 that leave-in conditioner works wonders for their tresses. Some even wash their hair at night to “give it time to calm down.” And if you’re especially poof-prone, skipping the blow-dryer may work wonders in your favor.

As for getting to your desired length, regular trims are crucial. You may not have to shell out as many hard-earned bucks for a complicated A-line cut, but it’s important to keep going every two to three months to nip off those split ends. Ask your hair stylist to cut off the minimal amount necessary to keep your hair healthy – you wouldn’t want to reach your goal only to discover that half of it’s as good as gone!

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