There are few women more iconic than Madonna, and at age 52, she has never looked better. But how does the mother of two maintain her amazing appearance? The secret may lie within applying the right beauty product, according to Gina Brooke, Madge’s personal makeup artist.

Instead of using dark colors to contour her face, Brooke prefers to highlight the Material Girl’s bone structure.

“When you use light instead of darkness, it softens the whole face and creates the illusion of a fresher, younger-looking appearance,” Brooke told “Artists always tell me they want to look like they’ve been sleeping for days, and using light gives you that glow.”

Color selection is key when selecting a highlighter, and Brooke suggests using a yellow-based product, which can counteract redness. Apply the highlighter down the bridge of the nose and jawline, and across the arch of the brow, down to the apples of the cheek.

“When light reflects off your face, you’ll create the illusion of a bone structure that pops, which looks young,” Brooke added.

To keep the focus on your glowing complexion, opt for minimal makeup on the rest of your face. Use mascara to emphasize your eyes and apply a tinted lip balm to define and condition your pout.

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