If you’ve ever studied the airbrushed photos that grace the magazine covers, you probably wondered if you could ever get your makeup to look that good.

Here’s something to consider: Have you been using makeup brushes? If the answer is no, what’s keeping you? A set of professional brushes can take your whole look up by more than one notch, and it’s every model’s greatest secret to success.

“Applicators, brushes and primer didn’t even exist before the makeup artists showed us we needed it,” NPD Group beauty analyst Karen Grant told CNBC. “A common person can look like a movie star or a runway model. There’s no more ivory tower, the makeup artist has helped bring down that wall.”

Look for a brush set complete with a blush, foundation, crease, eye contour and lip brush to create expertly crafted makeup looks. Sothys Makeup Brushes Set will have you covered from every angle with a set of classy brushes with bronze-tipped handles.

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