Bold eyebrows are our favorite fashion trend. It’s been around a hot minute, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. We are obsessed with eyebrows, but it can be challenging to make sense of all the sculpting, brushing and feathering it takes to achieve the perfect full-effect eyebrow.

Thankfully, the beauty industry is on to the needs of the ‘eyebrow people.’ There is a line-up of pomades, gels, pens and brow pencils to help us sculpt the eyebrows. And it’s all very well because a great brow product is more important than a high-end lipstick.

If you have brow envy right now… relax! We have rounded up 7 of the best eyebrow products powerful enough to make the sparsest of brows into lush, thick heavenly brows. These brow shapers have excellent textures & luxurious finishes that glide right on and provide a natural-looking finish.

Eyes are windows to the soul, and the eyebrows are the frame to that window, it must be kept neat and clean at all times. Take your time to go through these products, add them to your beauty arsenal, and we promise you won’t have a bad brow day ever again.

Let’s begin!

1.   LaTweez Mermaid Illuminating tweezer+Diamond dust – $32

If you already have bushy, unruly brows, this nifty little gadget will get them right on track. The LaTweez is a light-up tweezer, with built-in lights to ensure unparalleled efficiency when plucking those brows.


These tweezers are tiny and sharp. This makes it easier to get the shortest hair and tidy up your eyebrows. These are the best tweezers in the market, and once you’ve used them, you’ll testify that the price is entirely justified. This particular version of LaTweez is a limited version packaging. The exclusive tip is built with diamond dust technology, to make the plucking even more effortless. The tip has an extreme grip so once you have a hold on that pesky stray hair; it’s not going anywhere but out.

2.    Jane Iredale – PureBrow Brow Gel Clear – $21

Tame your brows on the go with this clear brow gel by Jane Iredale. The PureBrow provides impressive hold, making your eyebrows look nicely put together without being over the top. Just take a little bit of product on the big spoolie that comes with the gel, and do a one-directional sweep upwards through your brows.


That’s all it takes to get your eyebrows ready for those power-lunch meetings. The gel is clear and colorless. It conditions and protects the brows with a blend of sea minerals. The spoolie brush effortlessly glides over the brows without smudging g your eye makeup. You can even use it as a mascara because the hold’s that good. Also, it’s water resistant!

3.    Mellow Cosmetics – Brow Pomade Auburn – $18

If you have thin eyebrows that need to be drawn in from scratch, this is the product for you. This waterproof pomade is for the eyebrow obsessed woman who isn’t afraid of going deeper, darker and bolder than ever before.


Use an angled brow brush to pick up a little product from the pot, and then draw on your eyebrows one masterful hair stroke at a time. The result is clean and well-defined eyebrows that looked natural. The lasting formula adds texture and fullness to your brows making them look beautiful from near and afar. It’s an all-in-one gel formula that lends itself very easily to drawing defined arches and natural hair strokes. And it will keep your eyebrows in place all day long!

4.    Mellow Cosmetics – Brow Definer Chocolate – $18

Brow pencils are OG because they are the easiest to use. This one by Mellow Cosmetics is as good as they come because it simply glides on to the skin to draw on true-to-life eyebrow hair that looks amazing. Use it to fill in patchy eyebrows, or give that arch an extra oomph.


It’s great for people with darker hair and can help you step up your eyebrow game considerably. The pencil is rectangular shaped to make it easier to use whether you are drawing on eyebrow hair one by one or by just filling in the patches. The formula is creamy yet long lasting, so once your eyebrows are on, they aren’t going anywhere. And also, the pencil is non-greasy and has a matte effect to mimic the color and shading of a real hair, so say bye-bye to fake eyebrows when you chose this brow definer.

5.    bareMinerals Brow Master Sculpting Eyebrow Pencil Coffee – $22

No one knows natural makeup like bareMinerals, so it’s only ‘natural’ that they make one of the best brow pencils ever. It’s an all-in-one tool that has an oval tip pencil at one end, and a spoolie at the other. And true to bareMinerals fashion, the pencil is made out of mineral pigments that are also water resistant and smudge proof.


The spoolie end is pretty amazing. Once you have drawn on your eyebrow with the pencil end, take the spoolie and brush the eyebrows, blending the color as you go along. This results in natural looking eyebrows. If you want to invest in just one product for your eyebrows, this should be it.

6.    theBalm Furrowcious! Brow Pencil with Spooley Dark Brown – $13

If power arches are your thing, this pencil should be a part of your makeup bag. Furrowcious is a lineup with some different eyebrow pencils in a multitude of shades, and you can find your own in this range.


This pencil has an ultra-fine tip at one end and a spoolie brush at the other. If you want to draw on your eyebrow hair, one by one, this pencil lets you do it in style. Build a fuller eyebrow or define your existing eyebrows, build that arch up or fill it in, you can do so much with this ‘Furrowcious’ pencil.

7.    Mirenesse Cosmetics Touch Up Brow Sculptor Fine Point Pencil + Filling Gel – Universal – $20

Some of us have eyebrows so unruly that the only thing that can tame them is an industrial strength sculpting gel.

Well, thankfully we have this Touch-up brow sculptor to help us define and set our eyebrows. One on end you have an excellent pointed pencil to help you create and define brows, and on the other end, there is a soft gel that works pretty hard! The gel has built-in microfibers that fill in the brows, for long-lasting perfection.


It’s great for people with lighter colored eyebrows that need to be tamed. But really, the color is universal and can be used by pretty much everyone, darkening lighter eyebrows, and lightening the darkest of them. So, if you need to balance out the color of your brows, choose this Brow Sculptor. The product is portable so you can just throw it in your bag for eyebrow emergencies, and let’s face it, those can strike at any time.

And there you have it! 7 of our favorite eyebrow products that put your ‘eyebrows on fleek’ and keep those arches high and mighty. Let us know which ones are your favorites!