Every gal wants longer, thicker, darker lashes, and there’s an easy way to get ’em – mascara. But if your mascara leaves something to be desired, don’t turn to false lashes just yet. With these tips and tricks, you can get the lush, beautiful lashes you’ve been after quickly and easily, every single morning.

Applying your mascara should be a four-step process. To begin, curl your lashes with a curler. To make sure your curl stays, briefly blast the curler with your blowdryer – just like a hot iron for your hair, heating up your lash curler before you use it will help your lashes hold their shape for longer.

When you begin brushing on the mascara, wiggle the wand a few times at the base of your lashes to add thickness, color and the illusion of length. As you comb the wand through your lashes (step three), wiggle it back and forth to keep lashes separated and prevent clumping. Finally, when you’re finished, blink a few times to set the mascara and brush away any leftover clumps or chunks.

If you really need a little extra help, line your upper lid with eyeliner before you begin. This will help create the illusion of thickness, as it will darken the base of your lashes and give your eye a little extra definition. Just be careful not to overdo it for daytime – a full-on smoky eye works best at night.

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