There are few accessories more synonymous with celebrity than a large pair of sunglasses. Whether starlets want to walk around incognito or simply feel like hiding behind large frames, oversized eyewear is immensely popular in Hollywood.

While it’s common knowledge that Nicole Richie loves her sunglasses, she recently explained why she is rarely seen sans-shades.

“When I wear sunglasses, it’s because I don’t wear makeup,” the former reality TV star revealed to Women’s Wear Daily. “I don’t know how to do makeup – it’s just not a part of my life. That being said, sometimes you need to put something on your face, and that’s why I tend to wear bigger frames. So I almost think of sunglasses as masks to just cover it up.”

While we understand Richie’s reasoning, we always enjoy seeing her without her signature frames. At a recent book signing earlier this month, Richie sported simple but stunning makeup. Her eyes were defined with a mauve eyeshadow and a light pink lipstick made her pout pop.

Richie’s low-key makeup enhanced her fresh-faced appearance without making her seem overdone. We hope she leaves her shades at home more often.