According to, a recent study revealed that nearly 50 percent of women follow the same basic skincare routine as they did when they were teenagers. And while it may make sense to stick with a product that works well for your skin, gals may want to consider updating their skin regimen as they age.

“Remember the days when you got a pimple on Monday and all traces of it were gone by Thursday? Now, it seems like it takes the dark marks zits can leave behind months to finally fade away,” reports the news source. However, using a product with glycolic acid, like Murad Night Reform Treatment, before bed time can help exfoliate and boost your skin cell turnover.

As you age, you may also want to begin using eye cream to protect the thin and delicate skin that surrounds your peepers, such as Murad Eye Treatment Complex SPF 8. The news provider recommends applying eye cream with your ring finger, as it’s the weakest and will tug at skin the least.

Finally, while it can be easy to solely focus on your face, remember not to neglect your neck. However, experts claim that you do not need a separate product for your neck, simply use swift upward strokes to apply a rich facial moisturizer.

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