Are you afraid of following trends because you don’t have the time or expertise to replicate the work of those makeup artists?

Well, this season is going to be different. This season’s trends are all about making it easy for everyone. These are the trends that just require a single swipe or simple flick.  All you need is some inspiration and the right products.

It must be your lucky day because we are bringing you both: inspiration from the works of known make up artists and products that can help you achieve those looks in your own bathroom. Let’s have a look:

1. Neon Cat Eyes

Neons have been making their way back in the trends one way or another. For the past few years, we were seeing a lot of neon cut crease, but that requires a different level of expertise.

What’s easier and more dramatic is creating the cat-eye look with a highly pigmented neon shade. All you need is a palette with blindingly pigmented neon shades. Our recommendation is Alice Jane 35 Color High Pigment Eyeshadow Palette with Glitter and Cream Citrus Oasis.

2. Free Form Eye Liner

Still can’t get that wing right? It’s okay – because this season we are going to see a lot of free form going around.

And by free-form, we mean the easiest, simplest, and the most natural way to do your eyes. Just a darker eye shadow around the lash line and blend it up with the rest of your lid.

That is the look you can create with Liz Jones Cosmetics All-in-one Eye, Face & Lip Kit.

3. Sparkly Eyes

If you think we were gonna bid farewell to glitter this year, you are in for a surprise. You are probably gonna see a lot more glitz and glam this season. From artsy glittering looks to a simple swipe of sparkle on the lids, there is simply no wrong way to do it this spring.

And the good news is: we have a palette full of all your favorite colors and 7 gorgeous glitters that glide like butter and stay without fall out. Get your hands on Makeup Freak Blessing 35 Color Pigmented Eyeshadow Palette with Glitter Autumn and enjoy the 2020 spring glam.

4. Red lips

Red lips? Were they ever out of trend! They never were, but red was never exactly the perfect spring color – until 2020. We are going to see a lot of red in a trend-defying way this season. Add a little sheen to the texture and you have your perfect scarlet shade for spring.

Speaking of perfect scarlet for the season, we have exactly the kind of shade you need.

Check out Rhiannon by Cupid & Psyche Beauty for the perfect rich and luminous red pout.

5. Glossy Skin

Nothing says spring like fresh and glowy skin. How do Hadid sisters get it right every time? You can rely on dewy finish foundation to create that healthy glow or you can make your skin shine from within with a powerful skincare serum that doubles up as a radiance-boosting illuminator.

That’s how you get healthy-looking skin for spring.

Our best bet to create that healthy gloss is Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Glow Drops Instant Radiance Ampoule.

6. Ombre Eyeshadow

Before there was cut-crease, there was ombre. It was the signature look throughout the ’90s and even in the early ’00s. And like every other 90’s hot trend, it is making a comeback this season.

Whether you make it a sharp cat-eye ombre or blend the edges, it’s up to you. Either way, it is going to look super chic and absolutely stunning.

You just need a palette with the right gradient of colors. Get creative with Shie’s Beauty We All We Got Eyeshadow Palette that has all the shades and hues of spring for you.

7. Goth Lips

You must be wondering ‘who in their right mind does black lips for spring’? Well, new year, new goth. We are no longer going for pitch black or blood-red lips.

Goth has a new color and it is a deep wine with a hint of burgundy. Equally dark and mysterious, Oxloode is the New Black is the perfect example of this season’s goth trend.

This velvety matte mousse lipstick has a hydrating that lasts without creasing.

8. Sapphire Eyes

With classic blue as the color or the year, how can we miss out on sapphire as the color of the season? So many celebrities were rocking the shade on their lids this award season. The color is so gorgeous on its own that you barely need any technique to make it look better.


And do you know where we found our favorite shades of sapphire for eyes? In this glamourous Alice Jane 35 Color High Pigment Eyeshadow Palette with Glitter and Cream Lavender Brown. This is the most versatile eye palette we have seen this season.

9. Purple Underliner

One of the top trends of 2020 will be lots of underlining – colorful underlining to be exact. For this season, purple is the new pink.

Whether you are going for smokey eyes or nude, purple underline can really bring out the entire look.

So swipe some purple under your lower lash line with smooth-gliding BeleMakeUp Italia b.One Pencil in Black Purple.

10. Wet Lips

Glossy lips? No, we are talking about the melted glass-like wet lips. For spring 2020, we are taking glossy lips to the next level. Yes, you can slather lots of petroleum jelly to get the look, but that isn’t gonna last long enough.

Why bother reapplying the jelly when you have a product that gives an even better sheen and lasts for hours.

It’s the Dirty Little Secret Lip Oil and it comes in five spring–friendly shades. Use them on their own for a natural tint and shine or as a topper to glam up your favorite matte.

11. Retro Liner

And we are going to end this list with one trend that makes a comeback almost every other season. yet we call it the ‘retro’ flick.

It may not seem easy to master but with the right product, you can get your wing right in one go.

Try the Beauty for Real 24-7 Liquid Eyeliner. It is unbeatable in terms of precision and intensity.