This summer, we entreat you to consider the kinds of textures you would want on your gorgeous face. No, we’re not thinking shiny and sweaty, though anyone who doesn’t take the proper steps to prevent this effect can easily attain such a look. We’re talking about the differences between cream-based products and powder compacts and everything in between.

“Mix textures whenever possible,” makeup mogul Raychel Wade told “For example, use a cream blush, then brush a powder bronzer lightly over everything. Keep all powders fairly translucent and mattifying. Again, sludge on your face is not attractive.”

Wade also suggested using cream blush whenever possible, and guard against using too much of the same texture – mix and match shimmery and matte products for a perfectly appropriate look every time.

You can take this general ethic of layering to the umpteenth degree by blending multiple hues as well. Layered eyeshadow looks are de rigeur this season, and you can be your own professional makeup artist by blending lipstick and blush colors on your hand for a custom palette that’s all your making.

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