Our favorite season is just around the corner. It’s time to take your nail game to new heights. Bring out your favorite neons and beloved brights.

In fact, why even stop there! Spring means you can rock anything without care.

There is no wrong choice when it comes to spring summer nails. But with so many right choices, it’s a challenge to find the perfect ones.

Don’t you worry! We have our eyes on the latest trends that are the absolute essential this season – and we have something for every taste and preference.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at our cherry-picked spring summer 2019 nails for you!

Soft as Spring

Let us start our list with the softest hue of the season. Bright and neon colors can be too funky for some people or some occasions. If you don’t feel like jumping right on to the bright nail train, a soft shade like the Londontown Peach Pop is a perfect transition from dark winter shades to summer hues.

Image Credit: Runway 2019

It is essentially a powder pink shade with a pop of peach. It is soft, sweet, and feminine color that can be worn anytime of the day and on any event. It will get attention without screaming for it. One coat will be enough for a sheer “French manicure” kind of a look.

Lime and Sunshine

There is no way we can complete a list of spring summer nails without yellow. This year it is all about yellow in a bit subtlety. That is why our best pick is the gorgeous and glamorous Londontown Notting the Fancy. They define it as a lemon meringue yellow. It definitely looks just as delicious.

Image Credit: Londontown USA

It is like the soft, warm sunshine that heralds the arrival of spring. It is a color you can get truly creative with.

Brighten up a Notch

If you are hitting a beach party, you will need at least startling solid bright. Coral, aquamarine and bright yellow are so last year. This time, we have something classier yet equally attention-grabbing for you. Say hello to Londontown’s Beau of the City. It’s not just bright; it’s electrifying.

Image Credit: Vanity Rouge

This lively bright blue is the talk of the town.

A Perfect Grey-dient

This year, even the two-tone trend is transitioning toward subtlety. You can create the perfect gradient of clean duo-tone look with this beautiful Blue Orchid over this gorgeous Grey Day, both by Deborah Lipmann.

Image Credit: Deborah Lippmann

Do half and half or make a perfect gradient with a sponge, the result will remain brilliantly artistic.

The Feminine Frame

Speaking of two colors, we are living for the frame nail trend. It looks super cute on all nail shapes. It is easy to DIY, and you can get creative with your choice of colors. Just apply the inner color as usual and frame it with another color with the help of a fine brush.

Image Credit: Runway 2019

Our favorite shades for frame nail are Deborah Lipmann’s Totally Nude and Shut Up and Dance. One is the glamorous and elegant pinkish nude crème, and the other one is the uber chic party perfect pink. The gel formula is perfect for flawless application.

The Edgy Glam

Now for the hottest trend of the season – the mirror shine metallic. We have been drooling over these out of the world nails that look high fashion glam and high street edgy at the same time.

Image Credit: Playful Polishes

Almost all of our favorite brands have their metallic line for the season. Our top favorite is from Londontown because the formula is amazing, and the shine is unfading. You can try the Dishy Splendor, a classic silver or the Kissed by Rose Gold, a beautiful rose gold metallic.

Image Credit: Diamondsndprls

Both are perfect for any day you need to glam things up.

Summer Sparkle

If the metallic nails aren’t enough bling for you, then you can always choose to go the glitter lane. It is timeless and never tacky.

Image Credit: 25sweetpeas

Londontown Stargazing Royalty is hands down a must have for any woman who loves sparkling nails. It is dark, intense, and mysterious like the beautiful night sky.

Image Credit: Miss Holly Berries

If you need something more romantic, Deborah Lippmann’s Stronger is like the beautiful starry night painted on your nails.

Image Credit: Nailescapades

Then we have Deborah Lippmann’s Happy Birthday, an original classic. You need all three of em’ in your life.

A Perfect Nude

Nude nails are never out of fashion. It is a French manicure essential. Every year, different brands come up with different shades of nudes. This year we are all for pinkish nude. They are perfect for any occasion and on every skin tone.

Image Credit: Runway 2019

That is why our best bet is the Deborah Lippmann Born this Way. This will be your go-to for the season.

The One Essential

Every woman needs at least one white nail polish in her collection. It is the best color for funky nail art and even for a French manicure.

Image Credit: Tatiana

We recommend Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace. It is a highly pigmented white that will create perfect lines and designs in one swipe. The formula applies well with all kinds of applicators and tools. The beauty of white is its versatility. It goes with every color.

Magnificent Monochrome

White does go with every color, but it looks the best with black. Create a beautiful ying yang or a simple half and half with Deborah Lippmann’s Amazing Grace and Londontown’s Chim Cher-ee.

Image Credit: Runway 2019

It’s as black as it gets, and it won’t fade into that muddy grey most black nail colors do. You can experiment with different designs and styles. From stripes and polka dots, there is so much you can do with these two shades.

The True Classic

When in doubt, wear red. It doesn’t get redder than the Double the Deck.

Image Credit: Runway 2019

It is that one true red every woman must own. Goes with almost every dress, every color. Looks flattering on all skin tones. It is amazing how it is both a party-perfect and work-appropriate color.