Just because spring is here and summer is on its way doesn’t mean your hair has to go lighter. In fact, dark hair color is totally trending right now. Whether you go with a rich chestnut or a jet black, you’ll need a few tips to pull it off. Here’s what Allure Magazine had to say about ways to make sure your color looks great.

First, it’s important to make a firm decision. Dark hair isn’t for the faint-hearted, as it’s dramatic and not easy to turn back from. Not all skin tones look great with dark hair, but in general, fair complexions look fabulous with deeper shades of brown. You might want to try on a wig or experiment with Photoshop to see how you’d look before diving in.

“When you have dark hair, you want it to be super shiny and glossy,” one hairstylist told the news source. Use shine-enhancing products like Dermalogica – Silk Finish Conditioner and a nourishing serum to achieve this effect.

Once you go dark, you can experiment with dramatic makeup like rich red lipsticks from Borghese Cosmetics and bold eyeshadow colors.

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