Do you often find that your carefully applied eye shadow has rubbed off or melted away by the end of the day? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of gals leave the house with a perfectly applied face ready for the workday, yet check the mirror at lunch only to see that they look exactly the same as when they rolled out of bed. Here are a few tips to get the long-lasting look you desire.

First, start using an eye shadow primer. Just like primer for your foundation, eye shadow primer gives your makeup something to stick to besides your skin, which can become oily and dissolve makeup throughout the day. It’ll also help keep your shadow put, even if you rub your eyes or see a film that makes you tear up a little bit.

Speaking of rubbing your eyes, breaking that habit will definitely help keep your shadow on longer. Although it’s common to absentmindedly rub your eyes while you work, try to stop yourself if you catch yourself reaching toward your face – it’ll help you stop breakouts and keep your makeup on longer.

Finally, use a setting spray to make sure your makeup stays put all day long.

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