There’s nothing sexier than the two perfectly executed swoops of eyeliner that make up the cat eye look. But if you’ve already mastered the gentle flick at the outer corners, you might be looking for ways to jazz it up. Here are the top five.

1. Super graphic. Take it to the next level by using a black mineral eyeshadow to create a dramatic wing shape that reaches all the way up to your creases and past the ends of your brows.

2. Lifted line. Instead of drawing eyeliner along your upper lash lines before creating the flick, Allure Magazine recommends drawing it a centimeter above. It’s subtle with a twist!

3. Colorful. Forget black – colorful eyeliners are trendy and can add a pop of fun to any look. Try matching the shade to your outfit or using a different complementary hue for a colorblocked effect.

4. Squared. Rather than creating the typical pointed shape, turn the ends of your flicks into squares. It might help to draw it on lightly with a pencil first before sealing the deal with liquid eyeliner.

5. Floating. Allure saw this look on the Erdem runways – just create the flicks extending from your creases, without attaching them to lines across your lids.

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