Some ladies spend their time obsessing over which bright, trendy nail polish they’ll put on their digits next, but others are more concerned with what shape they’ll file their nails into. Glamour Magazine’s beauty blog points out that there are five nail shapes that have become popular, but which one is your favorite?

1. Rounded. Many women have nails that grow into a rounded shape naturally, so it’s not very hard to file them to keep them perfectly round.

2. Square. A completely straight edge on the tips looks fresh and clean, and it’s also one of the strongest shapes for your nails. Filing straight across is also simple, but make sure the outer corners aren’t sharp!

3. Squoval. A mix of round and square, this is probably the most popular shape these days. It’s like the square style but the edges are more rounded.

4. Oval. This style was popular in the 80s, but you might not see it as often today. The tips of the nails have a rounded point.

5. Stiletto. One of the edgier choices now, stiletto nails really make a statement. The nails end in a slightly rounded point that’s very tapered.

Whichever one’s your favorite, Lippmann Collection – Smooth Operator 4-Way Buffer/File can help you achieve it!

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