Nothing is sure to pick up your day and turn around your mood like an instant, mini-makeover.

There are certain looks that, cool as they appear, are seemingly impossible to pull off, and white eyeliner has long been one of those trends. While a light-colored streak may open your eyes and brighten your face, an incorrect application can result in a futuristic-looking mess.

While women often apply one shade of each type of makeup – a single color of blush and one tube of lipstick – those who want to add an extra bit of pizazz to their look may want to consider wearing two-toned makeup.

From her perfectly coiffed hair to her impeccably lined lips, Lea Michele often looks flawless when she steps out on the red carpet. And it seems that the brunette beauty has figured out a few ways to emphasize one of her best features – her dazzling brown eyes.

As ladies across the country flock to theaters to watch Bella and Edward continue their epic romance in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, more than a few will leave wondering how they can recreate Bella’s impeccable makeup. According to Robin Matthews, Kristen Stewart’s personal makeup artist for the film, replicating the look isn’t too difficult.