Unfortunately, summer is just one of the four seasons, which means it’s rapidly coming to an end and making way for harsher weather.

In the wintertime, your rosy cheeks come naturally when you step out into the bitter cold and expose your face to the elements.

If you’ve been spending some time in the sun this summer (and we certainly hope you have!), you’re probably a shade or two darker than you were in the depths of winter.

Every girl experiences the need to downsize every once in a while, and there’s no time like the summer to skimp down on your daily essentials and get in touch with a simpler way of being.

With the change in seasons comes a whole new approach to the way we dress, do our hair and even paint our faces. Here are a few adorable summer tricks for making your eye makeup seasonably appropriate.

This summer, we entreat you to consider the kinds of textures you would want on your gorgeous face. No, we’re not thinking shiny and sweaty, though anyone who doesn’t take the proper steps to prevent this effect can easily attain such a look. We’re talking about the differences between cream-based products and powder compacts and everything in between.

Ah, summertime – an occasion for balmy outdoor nights, the rotation of your entire collection of sundresses and, as always, flaunting the brightest shades of lipstick.

Like the gym, the beach is one of those places that definitely makes it up there on the “avoid makeup at all costs” list. However, because we know there’s always going to be enough of you who insist on getting just a tad dolled up, here are a few items you may want to consider in lieu of your standard makeup fixes.

Like summer romances, makeup hardly has a tendency to stick around for long in the sweltering heat. We can’t promise to offer you any advice as far as the former category is concerned, but when it comes to makeup, there are definite strategies you can employ to help your face stay fresher for longer.

There’s no unwritten rule discouraging the use of bronzer – especially during the summer! – but if you plan on looking polished and sophisticated versus overeasy and overdone, you’d be wise to pay attention to the fine balancing act that bronzer requires.

The burgundy lips that looked so de mode come late December are better off replaced with a honeysuckle stain once we enter the month of June, and as with all lip colors, there are ways to temper the rest of your makeup to match the dreamy season.

We wouldn’t actually recommend stashing up on red popsicles just to get that perfect, stained pool-side pout that so many makeup artists strive to recreate, but you can stock up on great products and advice to better flaunt those bold summertime pouts.