It doesn’t matter what your skin type is, Winter can be rough on everyone.

Colder, dryer weather doesn’t bode as well for your beauty.

If you have sensitive skin, winter weather can be detrimental to your complexion.

If it seems like you’re constantly struggling with dry skin regardless of what hydrating lotion you use, you may want to take a look around.

If you don’t take the opportunity to tweak your makeup routine when the seasons change, you might be missing out!

If you love winter sports such as skiing or you simply enjoy spending time outdoors, you’re likely going to need to give your skin a little extra TLC once the cold weather rolls in.

Although it’s not winter yet, the temperatures are dropping.

From penetrating blasts of cold air to frigid nights that rob your complexion of all its moisture, the winter season can be brutal on skin.

As legend has it, women who stop using balms after consistently wearing them can begin to suffer from terrible dry and parched lips.

Fall and winter is when most women realize that they need to up their skincare games.

Fall and winter come with plenty of awesome activities, from apple picking to pumpkin carving to baking cookies.

Jaqua Bath and Body products are back at Beauty Bridge just in time for the fall and winter seasons, when skin tends to crave a little extra loving.