We’ve been noticing many of you babes have been loving the CANE+AUSTIN line and thought we’d feature their products!

cruelty free cosmetics

Apparently, hundreds of beauty brands who test our beloved beauty products on the poor, helpless animals before they ask us to shell hundreds of dollars for a little fake up. And, China.

dewy makeup

Non-touring, Wet Shine Lips and Watermelon Hair! All that’s hot and happening this Summer 2016!

Indulgent Essentials For An At-Home Spa Day

The ultimate spa experience right within the comforts of your home and without the extortionate spa costs!


You know you can do better than World’s Best Dad coffee mugs and those godawful ties. This Father’s Day, give him something he deserves and something that he won’t return (not this year, no he wouldn’t).


Let’s focus on bath and body care this month! Which #bbBabe photo is your fav?

summer proof your beauty routine

Slipping eye liner and bleeding lipstick, anyone?

4 Skincare Ingredients You Need to Try for Glowing Skin

With products literally being produced in bulk, how do you choose the one that’s perfect for you?


Known for their retro design packaging and their naughty, offbeat names, theBalm is one the most established European brands out there.


Who said you can’t look glamorous on the go?

We have 10 Travel Beauty Essentials (TSA Approved, btw) to help you look gorgeous without having to carry a train case load of beauty products (guilty as charged).

Mothers Day Banner

Being her favorite is a no-brainer. But how do you choose a gift for someone who has given you so much and who already has it all?


This month is all about lips! Which #bbBabe photo is your fav?