How to Get the Perfect Red Lip!

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How to Get the Perfect Red Lip!Bold makeup is like statement jewelry. Just as a statement necklace allows you to dress up a casual outfit, a red lip allows you to have a stylish, dramatic look without having to worry about applying a full face of makeup. There’s only one minor problem: getting the perfect red lip requires a little know-how.

Step One: Smooth

Red lipstick, especially heavily pigmented lipstick, will settle in flakes and lines like nobody’s business. The first step to pulling off a red lip is prepping your surface to keep color where you want it. That means exfoliating to get rid of flakes and dryness, using a moisturizing lip exfoliator, home made sugar scrub, or even an old toothbrush. Avoid using exfoliators meant for elsewhere on the body, salt-based scrubs, or products that contain alcohol. These will dry lips out and worsen the problem.

Afterward, give lips a good, moisturizing base coat and allow it to absorb. Try to avoid using products that are very heavy or greasy, as they can cause color to slide and melt off later on.

Step Two: Prep

Some guides recommend neutralizing your lips’ natural color using liquid foundation, which will also help provide a surface to trap and hold lip color. Some companies offer lip primers that can do the same thing, but are less drying and unpleasant tasting. Whichever you use, smooth it on over lips and blot it gently to absorb excess oil and moisture.

Step Three: Color

Next, line lips with a lip pencil that matches the lipstick. Fill in with the liner until lips are completely colored in, then apply lipstick on top. Top with a gloss if you like, and blot the excess gently with a tissue.

Step Four: Maintain

A red lip is a high-maintenance look. Be prepared to occasionally re-apply (particularly after eating or drinking) and carry a makeup remover wipe to correct any smudges that might happen.

Even though a red lip is a dramatic look, it doesn’t have to be difficult. A smooth, moisturized lip surface will help keep lip color from settling into cracks, lip primer and liner will lock color into place, and a little preparedness will allow you to keep up a perfect, magazine-worthy pout all day long.


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Spotlight on Lab Series

September 8th, 2015 | Contributed by:

Spotlight on Lab SeriesSince 1987, Lab Series has been formulating and creating products specifically with men in mind. From gentle and effective cleansers to moisturizers that go the extra mile, Lab Series has a man’s skin covered. Lab Series features products with high technology and innovation in order to take a man’s skin care routine up a notch and target any problem areas.

Lab Series recognizes that men have different skin care needs than women, especially since a man may shave his face. Razor burn may be an issue a man experiences during his skin care routine, which is why Lab Series has products to address this. Oil control, effective SPF, and anti-aging products are also on the skin care menu at Lab Series.

The Electric Shave Solution is an innovative product that helps a razor glide across a man’s skin, eliminating razor burns for men who use electric shavers, which this product is specifically formulated for. A concentrated liquid solution makes up this product, and it forms a protective barrier for the skin, eliminating the possibility of a razor burn. It also leaves the skin feeling soft, supple, and refreshed.

Men’s skin care should be composed of anti-aging ingredients, just as many skin care lines targeted toward women are comprised of. Lab Series doesn’t miss a step in their skin care products and adds excellent sources of sun protection into some of their daytime moisturizers. The best-selling Daily Moisture Defense Lotion contains SPF 15 and is loaded with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage.

Many of Lab Series products have been recognized by beauty editors and have won awards, such as the MAX LS AGE-LESS Power V Lifting Cream. This innovative cream has been recognized for its ability to boost the moisture level of skin, restoring even the driest of skin to balanced, supple skin. When paired with MAX LS Overnight Renewal Serum, the results are even better. Layering skin care products is an effective way of getting the most out of a skin care routine. Serums are lightweight and sink into the skin with ease, while a moisturizer on top helps to seal in the nourishing ingredients and serve as a protective barrier against the sun and other environmental pollutants.

The Pro LS All In One Face Treatment streamlines a man’s skin care routine by providing one product that serves a number of functions, just like the name implies. This product works to moisturize the skin while sending antioxidants and other restorative ingredients into the skin in order to treat fine lines and sun damage. While doing all of this, it also absorbs excess oil on the skin — a truly triple threat product.

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Fall Skincare Routine: Tips to Keep Skin Looking Radiant

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Fall Skincare Routine: Tips to Keep Skin Looking RadiantOnce the summer is over, your skin may be left feeling neglected. After the long days of soaking up the sun and swimming in chlorine-laden pools, your skin needs extra TLC to get it looking beautiful again. Your skincare routine, like the clothes that are in style, should be seasonal. Once the cooler months roll around, you’ll need to help your skin recover and protect it from the elements.

Exfoliate Well, Then Exfoliate Less

During the summer, your skin typically builds up dead skin cells. Also, because of the amount of products we use in the summer time, the skin typically has a lot of residue build-up. Because of this, you’ll want to exfoliate the skin very well before fall rolls around. This will remove some of the build-up and slough off the dead skin. A light body exfoliant is ideal.

Once you exfoliate one good time, you’ll want to switch to exfoliating less as the months cool down. Light scrubbing twice a week should be enough to keep your skin looking radiant. For more exfoliant choices check out proven skincare brands such as Exuviance and Babor.

Implement Vitamin C and Retinol

Topical Vitamin C serums are a must-have for any fall skin care routine. This serum will help to keep your skin radiant and prevent any damage from the sun and the wind. If you’re looking for a little lift, products with retinol will help to increase collagen production and keep your skin tone and taut.

Don’t Skimp on Moisturizing

Keeping your skin moisturized is absolutely critical during the months when humidity is at its lowest. When your skin is dry, not only does it look and feel unhealthy, but it also becomes more susceptible to further damage from the elements.

It’s advised that you combine your body and facial moisturizer with a body serum or an oil to lock in moisture and protect your skin.

Don’t Dry Out Your Lips

During the fall, your lips will likely become dry and chapped, so it’s imperative that you invest in a high-quality lip balm and/or protectant. Choose a lip balm that contains natural ingredients guaranteed to keep your lips moisturized and soft.

Lubricate Those Legs

Shaving in the fall can lead to dry skin and irritation, thanks to the little moisture in the air. To prevent this, switch to a shaving cream or gel with a high-moisture content that also contains natural ingredients and oils to seal-in moisture. Even though you may not be showing off your legs in the winter, you’ll still want to take care of the skin so that it’s smooth and ready for spring next year.

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean you should no longer worry about how your skin looks and feels. Keeping your skin hydrated and healthy during the fall will have it primed and ready once winter is over and spring rolls around again.

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Top Makeup Items for Fall

September 2nd, 2015 | Contributed by:

Top Makeup Items for FallWith Autumn just around the corner, the beautiful hues of amber, brilliant yellow, and vibrant reds are on our mind here at Dressing up your face with a bit of Fall-inspired makeup can do wonders. Rich plums and glorious golds are also colors that can bring a little Autumn spice to your makeup routine. With cooler temperatures in the air, it’s time to bundle up in sweaters and booties while you play up your makeup routine with fun colors.

Bold, Vibrant Lips

Bring a little sex appeal to your lips with a beautiful plum lip. Plum is a gorgeous shade for fall and its gorgeous on any skin tone. Lipstick Queen lipstick in Medieval is a gorgeous shade of red with a slightly plum undertone. This shade looks elegant and beautiful with many makeup looks. The versatile color will spice things up and make you fall ready.

Chocolate Shades

Every girl’s makeup arsenal wouldn’t be complete without a palette filled with rich, versatile shades. Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette doesn’t disappoint with its beautiful shades of chocolate brown, eggshell, bronze, violet, and even burgundy. These are shades that definitely say “Fall” loud and clear. With so many colors to choose from in this beautiful palette, the possibilities of eye looks are endless. Your eyes will be ready for fall. This palette is just one example of a well-rounded palette. When shopping for an eye palette, selecting one with both matte and shimmer shades will give you the ability to bring more dimension and contour to the eye.

Radiant Cheeks

Cheekbones are the feature that seem to be on everyone’s mind lately, with contouring being quite the rage in 2015. Don’t let your cheeks be left out — dress them up in beautiful shades of blush. Youngblood Cosmetics is cruelty free and made of minerals — ingredients that will love your skin. Sugar Plum is beautiful for medium skin tones, a delicate plum color with subtle sparkle for a luminescent glow. All shades of skin will enjoy colors in the blush range such as Nutmeg and Blossom. These colors will make your cheeks pop and bring together the entire look.

To contour your cheeks, start with a contouring shade with a slightly grey undertone. Shadows tend to have a grey undertone, so for a realistic contour, it’s best to avoid a bronzer as a contouring shade. Next. apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. Top it of with a subtle highlighter on the top of your cheekbones — just above where you applied the contour and blush. Depending on your own preference, you may like a subtle luminizer, or you might be more of a metallic highlighter type of gal. Cheekbone highlighters are now available in a variety of textures, shades, and formulations. theBalm Cosmetics makes a finely milled highlighting powder in various shades. The finely milled formula will not emphasize pores and will provide a hint of sheen on the top of your cheekbones to bring out their beauty. Ciny-Lou Manizer is an all-in-one blush and luminizer in a flattering shade of peachy pink. It can be used as a blush or a highlighter on top of your darker blush and contour. theBalm California Dreamer face palette includes everything you need to make your cheeks stand out at their best along with two eyeshadow shades. Convenient palettes such as this make your makeup routine much easier and quicker because everything you need is right at your fingertips.

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Top #bbBabes’ of the Month – September 2015!

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#bbBabe of September
Instagram - jadorekors
Maxi Definition Lip Liner from BABOR
Maxi Definition Lip Liner
from BABOR
Instagram - carinastocker
Ulta Performance Lip Colourfrom BABOR
Ulta Performance Lip Colour from BABOR
Instagram - tatjana_pastellrose
Advanced Lip Base from BABOR
Advanced Lip Base
from BABOR

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Top 5 Fall 2015 Accessories!

August 30th, 2015 | Contributed by:

Top 5 Fall 2015 Accessories!When the days get shorter and autumn leaves begin to line the sidewalks, we know it’s time for our bright sundresses to go into hibernation. Out go the sun hats and strappy sandals, and in come the utilitarian boots and blazers. Fortunately, the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of eye-popping style. With these five fall accessories you can keep your look fresh and colorful as you transition into autumn!
1. Rustic nail polish
Anyone who has experienced autumn in New England knows the otherworldly sensation of walking down a tree-lined lane after the leaves begin to change. This year, instead of viewing the fall fireworks from afar, join the performance with some dazzlingly bright nails! To play around with contrast, pair your most colorful polish with a more subdued outfit.
2. Velvet
As the cold sets in, the deer and foxes begin to grow their luxurious winter coats. Although the only coat you’ll be donning is the kind with a zipper, you can follow nature’s example with rich swathes of velvet. For a casual look, pair velvet flats with faded boyfriend jeans or a brown corduroy skirt. If you want to be more daring, add velvet gloves or a velvet pocketbook. Remember to maintain balance in your outfits. If you decide to wear an ornate velvet accessory, try to counter the formality with something rough, like an edgy leather jacket.
3. Lace-up boots
Have you ever stopped at an autumn farmers’ market on your way home from work? As you wander through the rows of pumpkins, you wish you weren’t wearing your formal work shoes. You have to drape your cashmere sweater over your shoulder so you can choose peaches from a rough burlap sack. This fall, designers have captured this combination of the formal and the rustic in the lace-up boot. Neither irredeemably fancy nor truly casual, lace-up boots are perfect for both work and play. Plus, they go with everything.
4. Berets
Not everyone wants to wear a lumpy stocking cap on their head, but nobody likes cold ears, either. Luckily, this year’s selection of berets have repaired the friendship between style and warmth. Choose one in a dark wool blend for your walk to work, or pick a periwinkle knit for exploring the botanical gardens.
5. Pearls
On the runway this year, a classic staple of jewelry has become gourmet once again. Pearls are back, but they are bigger, bolder, and yes: spikier. So go ahead and excavate your grandmother’s pearls from the attic, but instead of wearing them around your neck, wrap them around your wrist with some silver bangles or thread them through your messy bun.

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Top #bbBabes’ of the Month – August 2015!

August 29th, 2015 | Contributed by:

Top #bbBabes' of the Month - August 2015!
Check out our #bbBabes of the month August!

@kariburghardt used COOLA Suncare on her family all last August.

Check out what @lindsayjordana got in August! This bareMinerals primer creates an ultra silky, smooth canvas for your most flawless foundation application ever.

Give your skin a breather with the Triple Oxygen product line from Bliss. Its C.P.R. formula ‘C’larifies, ‘P’rotects and ‘R’evitalizes the skin. Find out more @modernmixvan

As always, we’d love for you to check out these ladies on Instagram and follow! There are so many talented makeup and nail artists out there. If you want to have a chance to be featured as a #bbBabe of the month, don’t forget to tag us in any photos of you using any brands that we carry on our website! #bbBabe @beautybridge

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The One Piece of Clothing You Need for Fall!

August 25th, 2015 | Contributed by:

The One Piece of Clothing You Need for Fall!When you’re prepping your wardrobe for the fall season, it’s important to have warm clothes to wear to ensure that you stay comfortable as the temperatures begin to drop. Although it’s crucial to stay snuggled after the summer season comes to an end, it’s also important to look your best with fashionable attire. Military jackets are still a current piece to own for a grunge look that will allow you to stand out with your impressive street wear.

Pair with Booties

Military jackets are the perfect attire to wear during the fall season due to the variety of warm shoes that can be worn with the item. Most people prefer to wear combat boots or booties when it’s cold outside for a heavy shoe that is plenty snug. Military jackets are on point when paired with clunky boots for a masculine style that is still plenty feminine.

Use Tights

Military jackets can be paired with jean shorts and ripped tights to further enhance the grunge look that you may be going for. Tights will allow you to still wear shorts or skirts without opting for pants just to stay warm in the fall. You can also choose different colors that complement the season, which include burgundy, black, gray, and dark green.

Add Heavy Jewelry

Instead of feeling too masculine with your military jacket, you can dress it up by accessorizing it with heavy jewelry around your neck. Opt for wearing tribal necklaces or multiple chains to balance out the attire. You can also roll up the sleeves of the jacket and wear a gold chain-link watch with plenty of bangles or bracelets. This will add plenty of arm candy that allows the military jacket to look fashionable.

Add a Pop of Color

To enhance the camouflaged print on the military jacket, opt for pairing it with a pop of red lip color with lipstick. This will prevent the jacket from looking too overwhelming with the rest of the attire for proper balance with your ensemble. You can even add a cat-eye liner to your lids or a bit of bronzer for a moody makeup style that is perfect for the gloomy weather that comes with fall.

Although it can be difficult to find a staple piece to rock during the fall season, the military jacket will offer plenty of versatility for an urban look that is plenty youthful. You can create a number of different outfits that work around the jacket to ensure that you’ll stay trendy while strolling the streets or sitting in a coffee shop as the weather becomes cold outside.

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Get Glowing with Vita Liberata!

August 21st, 2015 | Contributed by:

Get Glowing with Vita Liberata!Vita Liberata is a brand of luxury tan products that can help users attain natural and even looking glows. People who are looking for professional and home tanning options alike may want to investigate their choices with Vita Liberata. The brand exclusively uses pure ingredients to make their tanning products. Not only are the brand’s ingredients pure, but they’re also certified organic and natural.

People who want to tan yet at the same time maintain healthy and glowing complexions may appreciate Vita Liberata’s numerous choices in products. Their formulas seal moisture in the skin, enabling it to hydrate it for 3 days at a time. This moisture sealing helps tans fade evenly and naturally. Vita Liberata’s tan products also aim to nurture and condition the complexion.

One prominent Vita Liberata product is the Fabulous Self Tanning Mousse. This product is available both in medium and dark color options. The formula dries rapidly and is suited for individuals who have normal, oily and combination skin. Application of the Fabulous Self Tanning Mousse is simple even for people who are totally new to the tanning world. The formula produces color immediately which allows people the chance to quickly see their brand new glows.

People who are reluctant to deal with the often strong smells of self tanning products may appreciate the fact that the Fabulous Self Tanning Mousse includes “Odor Remove” and therefore lacks any type of scent. Notable ingredients in this product include ginkgo biloba leaf extract, melon extract, hyaluronic acid and aloe vera.

The Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion is yet another prominent Vita Liberata tanning product. This formula also comes in medium and dark varieties. The goal of this product is to condition the complexion and at the same time also tan and moisturize it. The Fabulous Self Tanning Tinted Lotion is appropriate for people who have mature, sensitive or dry skin. Like the aforementioned product, this mousse is 100 percent devoid of any odors. The finish of the lotion is sheer. It takes anywhere between 4 and 8 hours total to develop into a natural and even tan that looks smooth and soft. Since the lotion produces instant color, application of it is generally simple and straightforward.

The Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse from Vita Liberata comes in fair, medium and dark color options. People who want tans that have longevity often depend on this formula. This product works well on people who have skin that’s oily, combination or normal. The Phenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse has the distinction of being able to stay intact for upward of 4 times as long as typical tans. Since the formula dries incredibly speedily, people who use it can put their clothes back on soon after application. The mousse also lacks any type of conspicuous smell.

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Why Masking Is Crucial

August 18th, 2015 | Contributed by:

Why Masking Is CrucialWe all love a fresh face, right? Smooth skin, small pores, no oily sheen- all of the desirable features edited onto model faces in magazines. Everyone knows those looks rarely come without a price, and that price is good products.

Maintaining the appearance of facial skin has been a part of the feminine beauty standard for hundreds of years, and it continues today as thousands of products flood the market promising perfect skin in a jar. Of course, you shouldn’t believe every ad you see online. Always test a product before committing, or just stick to the well-known and proven skincare brands.

The truth is, there is no universal treatment for skin; this is because many types of skin exist. Some people naturally produce an excessive amount of oil, while others produce too little and are left with dry, flaky skin. Many others have issues with oil in some places, commonly the forehead and nose area known as the t-zone, while other areas are dry.

Sensitive skin, pale skin and darker skin tones all have unique needs. Fortunately, one type of treatment that comes in many different formulas is universally loved and used by beauty addicts- masks!

Masking is the process of applying a paste or gel substance to your clean, dry face with clean hands. Before applying a mask, one should tie their hair back into a ponytail if necessary and use a headband to push their hair completely off of their face.

Masks should always be applied gently in circles, avoiding the eye, nostril and lip areas. As a general rule, the masks are then left on for ten to fifteen minutes as they dry or solidify. Depending on the purpose of the mask and the material it is made of, it is then gently washed off using warm water and a clean washcloth or peeled off the face, beginning by rolling the edges by the jawline carefully toward the nose.

It is important to note that a good mask needs to be used only about once per week in order to avoid over-drying or irritating skin. Many types of masks exist for those of all skin types, but the best to use regardless of skin sensitivity are those made with natural elements rather than chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Those with oily skin and large pores often benefit from the use of masks made of dead sea clay. For people with t-zone issues, white clay masks with algae extracts provide an excellent dose of non-comedogenic moisture while also pulling sebaceous secretions from unruly pores. Dry skinned individuals will be thrilled with peel off masks loaded with healthy oils and fruit extracts which strip away flakes and leave skin feeling soft and supple. These are just some of the many awesome types of masks available to beauty addicts to brighten up our faces and perfect our overall look.

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