If you’re a girl who’s constantly on the go, you probably don’t have time to stop home and completely re-do your makeup between work and happy hour cocktails.

As any girl-on-the-go will tell you, there are days where it feels like there simply isn’t enough time to get everything done. From early morning meetings to after-work trips to the gym and late-night plans, it’s imperative that you keep your face looking flawless as you’ll barely have time to look in the mirror as you run from location to location.

When preparing for a night out, there are usually two main components to getting ready – putting on your outfit and doing your makeup. Sometimes, however, these steps result in an unfortunate incident and you end up with a spot of concealer or lipstick on your ensemble.

Even if the alarm goes off hours before you have to leave for work, there are mornings when time flies by and you end up with just a few minutes left to apply your makeup. Instead of forgoing your beauty routine or making yourself late, here are a few expert tips to putting on makeup in a flash.

While many women may be comfortable crafting an elegant look for a swanky, nighttime affair, it may be a bit trickier to apply eye makeup for a daytime event, such as a wedding or luncheon, as daylight may make dark makeup appear garish or too formal.

Summer dates allow you to wear your favorite sun dresses, bare a few flirty peeks of skin and indulge in colorful cosmetics.