Check out these Becca Cosmetics photos from these awesome #bbBabes. Which is your favorite photo?

@ashleymareebeauty This palette seems to be one of Becca Cosmetic’s more popular items!

@lorraine_haigney This full-coverage crème corrector completely eradicates under eye darkness by brightening and evening skin tone. Truly unique in color and formula, BECCA Under Eye Brightening Corrector is backlighting for your concealer.

@blondeteaparty Backlight Priming Filter creates a canvas for your makeup, extending its wear from day to night. Infused with three unique Filtering Luminescent Pearls, each one adds a different drop of diffused light.

As always, we’d love for you to check out these ladies on Instagram and follow! There are so many talented makeup and nail artists out there. If you want to have a chance to be featured as a #bbBabe of the month, don’t forget to tag us in any photos of you using any brands that we carry on our website! #bbBabe @beautybridge


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