You know your lips are the first one to herald a change of season. Feel your part and you know that the winter is coming. Follows a long, long period of a chapped and dry pout. You are just one careless peel away to turn it into a painful nightmare. And then no amount of lipstick will be able to conceal it.

You don’t have to live that nightmare all over again this season. The key to perfect pout throughout the year is making lip treatments part of your skincare.

Your lips are just as important as a part of your face as eyes. So, if you are applying three different products around your eyes and throughout your face, why leave your lips alone.

Just like eyes, the skin on your lips is different from your face. It tends to get dry too easily and therefore, it needs more moisture. Also, it tends to accumulate more dead skin than the rest of your face, so you need proper exfoliation every week.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late yet. With the right lip treatment, you can still get fuller, hydrated pout for the season. That is exactly what we have for you this time – our best picks for a perfectly hydrated pout.

Grande Cosmetics Grande Lips Hydraplump Lip Primer

This one is an instant treatment. It’s more of a magic wand because it can hydrate and smooth out parched lips within a matter of a minute. It is a lip primer that fills erase dry deep lines and plump up your pout for a perfect lipstick application. Even the driest liquid lip formula will feel like silk on matte finish Grande Hydraplump Lip Primer.

Not to mention, it will extend the lasting power of any lip color up to four hours. Don’ worry if you have a bad experience with other lip primers; this one doesn’t sting but still manages to give you some extra volume.

Beauty for Real Lip Revival Lip Scrub

This isn’t anything like your homemade sugar scrub. Not only is it an excellent exfoliator that gets rid of your dry dead skin from the lips, but it also hydrates and conditions your lips to prevent the formation of lines and rough texture. This Lip Revival Lip Scrub is made from raw sugar and a hydrating blend of essential oils.

Yes, it’s 100% organic magic for your pout. Add this baby to your daily pampering routine and you won’t have to worry about your pot ever again.  Moreover, it is an excellent pout prep product to use before makeup.

Patchology Kiss Kiss Lip Perfecting Duo

For a perfectly kissable pout, there is no product that can give you results as good as the bestselling Lip Perfecting Duo by Patchology. It’s a lip treatment balm and it is a super glam lip gloss. It is filled with super hydrating ingredients as well as an antioxidant that works on a deeper level to repair your lips from within.


The gloss also works as a sealant that prevents moisture from escaping. If you need something that can take care of your lips all day long, this is your best bet. Not to mention, it’s essential for your big date prep as well. *wink*

Aquareveal Super Smooth Water Peel for Lips

Also known as Smooth Talker Water Peel, this is a lip peel that gently yet effectively removes all the dead and dry skin to reveal pinker, plumper pout. The pen-style applicator makes it super easy to apply without wasting any product. The formula itself is created to ensure optimal absorption of the product.

So, you get a lot out of just one pen. It is safer and much easier to use as compared to lip scrubs and exfoliating acids. That’s exactly what we mean by Tender Loving Care.

Trophy Skin Collagen Infusion Lip Serum

The JENU Collagen Infusion Lip Cream is like at-home botox for lips, sans the risks and complications. It is definitely one of our top favorites from the list because it works within minutes and it works for the driest of lips. Since it has collage, it is a great product for lips that are losing volume due to age.

It will instantly plump your lips up to give you a party-perfect pout. You need a JENU infuser to get the best results from this product. The sugar-mint flavor ensures you never forget to pamper your pout with this product.

Steve Laurant Orchid Lip Oil

Last but not the least, we have the Steve Laurant Orchid Lip Oil. Oils are just as essential for lips as they are for our skin. If you are looking for a lip oil you can add to your daily routine, this one is a great option.

This comforting and conditioning concoction will dry, chapped lips and keep them smooth and moisturized in extreme weather, be it Chicago cold or Texas heat. While you can use it under your lipstick to give it a smooth canvas or use it as a topper to seal your lip color, it won’t disappoint.